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Celebrations Of Love...

Your Ceremony is a timeless moment of hope and expectation. We witness the making of a covenant, as you publicly declare your intent to enter into an intimate relationship of enduring love, of deep fidelity and trust.

Whether it is a wedding, vow renewal, commitment ceremony, or a partnership it is simply a public affirmation of your love and commitment to one another.

We make sure that your ceremony wording reflects who you are both as individuals and the couple you will become.

To help get you started there are some useful links below:

Click HERE for the legal requirements to obtain a marriage license in the state of Florida.

Click HERE for a worksheet to help you apply for your license.

Click HERE for the Family Law Handbook, required reading to obtain a license. 

Download our event contract HERE

                                                                                                                    Click here for apdEvents.com

Unity Sand Ceremony

    A Sand Ceremony is deeply meaningful and also brings a little theatrical flair to the ceremony and is a contemporary alternative to Unity Candles. Two or more colors of sand are poured into a single container giving you a lasting keepsake of the day. Ceremonial wording is read by either the officiant or, perhaps, a special friend or relative.

    It can also be used as a stand-alone ceremony in vow renewals, anniversaries, commitment ceremonies, belated receptions etc. We have many variations of ceremonial wording or can help you write something unique to yourselves.

Sand Ceremonies & Children:

    A sand ceremony is also a special way to include children, step-children or grandchildren in a wedding. Each child has his own sand color so that when mixed the entire family truly becomes one. Also very meaningful as a ceremony for an adopted child.

    We have been told by many couples that this type of ceremony made all the difference to harmony and acceptance within a blended family. Perhaps the children may choose their own or we will help you choose the colors that will mix attractively with your own two colors.

    We can supply all the glassware & super-fine sand in your choice of more than 30 colors. Prices for a simple ceremony with 1 central container, 2 individual containers and your choice of 2 sand colors start at $14.00

                                        Fortunately same sex marriage is legally recognized in Florida and we have been honored to perform many of those first ceremonies.
An alternative for those couples who cannot or do not wish to marry legally, a commitment ceremony may be an option.. While for other couples, a commitment ceremony may represent a pre-wedding celebration or long engagement. Whatever the reason, a Commitment Ceremony
is a wonderful way to honor love and commitment before friends and family. Click here for info. 

                        It is a bond of love between two people. Some couples decide to celebrate this commitment with a simple private ceremony, while others decide to have a large celebration asking family and friends to come together to recognize the relationship. It is at this time you should reflect on your feelings, your love for each other, and your commitment to each other.



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